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Depending on the direction of fluid flow, hydraulic wheel motors can impel the wheels to move backward or forward. Read More…

Hydraulic Wheel Motors Hydraulic wheel motors are motors which are built directly into wheel hubs. Unlike other motor designs which provide power to wheels through an axle, the hydraulic wheel motor is located within the wheel and provides power to it directly.

For 100 years, Bucher Hydraulics Inc. has specialized in hydraulic systems, including products such as hydraulic motors and hydraulic power units. Applications include concrete pumps, forage wagons, harvesters, lifting devices, recycling machines, door openers, log splitters, and many others.

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Since 1967, Hydrotech has provided industries with innovative solutions for their fluid power needs. Our listing of hydraulic motors are manufactured by Bosch Rexroth, Rineer Hydraulics and White Drive Hydraulics. For more information call our experienced team of technicians and sales support!

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Poclain Hydraulics manufactures hydraulic motors, hydrostatic transmissions and high-torque cam-lobe motors, which are used in agriculture, construction equipment, industry, marine and material handling applications. Our innovative company culture motivates us to pursue progress and excellence in everything we do. Contact Poclain today to learn more!

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Since 1921, The Oilgear Company has specialized in hydraulic equipment. Our specialties include hydraulic motors, hydraulic power systems and other hydraulic systems. We are headquartered in Wisconsin and have facilities all over the world. We provide the global industry with top-quality fluid power solutions. To learn more, call or visit our website to speak with an Oilgear representative.

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Wheel motors are typically electric motors, but like any other hydraulic motor, hydraulic wheel motors provide power and rotation through the use of pressurized fluids. Hydraulic motors usually use pressurized oil as the hydraulic fluid. The oil is stored in a pressurized reservoir until the motor is to be used. When the motor is operating, the pressurized oil is released from the reservoir and enters into the motor itself.

Depending on the internal configuration of the motor, the oil will press against cylinders, pistons, gears, or other components. As the pressurized fluid presses against the cylinder or piston, the piston or cylinder moves and causes a shaft to rotate. With gears and other components, the pressurized fluid presses against and flows around the gears causing them to turn and rotate a shaft. In these ways, a hydraulic motor converts the energy of the pressurized fluid into mechanical energy.

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A hydraulic wheel motor can operate a single wheel or multiple wheels, depending on the power of the motor and the size of the machine. In cases in which the motor supplies power to more than one wheel, the motor is connected to sprockets and each sprocket is connected to a wheel. Through this setup, power is distributed to the wheels. Hydraulic wheel motors can be used for many different applications. However, they see the most use in mobile construction equipment.

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