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Depending on the direction of fluid flow, hydraulic wheel motors can impel the wheels to move backward or forward. Read More…

Hydraulic Wheel Motors Hydraulic wheel motors are motors which are built directly into wheel hubs. Unlike other motor designs which provide power to wheels through an axle, the hydraulic wheel motor is located within the wheel and provides power to it directly.
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Shakopee, MN  |  952-895-6400

Our hydraulic components such as our hydraulic pumps have the tough attitude to encounter the harshest environments. The durability and performance of our electric hydraulic pumps, vane pumps, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic piston pumps, and more, are the solution to your pump problems. In business since 1927, Continental Hydraulics is continually improving our hydraulic pumps.

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SOMERVILLE, NJ  |  877-786-3221

Sunfab was founded by Eric Sundin in the year of 1925. Sunfab develops, produces and sells components to operate hydraulic equipment within the area of mobile vehicles. After more than 90 years, the third generation of the Sundins are still running the company in the spirit of Eric Sundin, with a family atmosphere, flexibility and innovative solutions.

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Canfield, OH  |  330-533-6801

Since 1970, we have lead the industry in production of hydraulic motors and hydraulic power systems. Our motor technology design has open and closed loop systems for peak performance. We feature small hydraulic motors with compact sizes that offer the same performance as larger hydraulic motors.

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Kent, WA  |  800-367-5646

Founded in 1945, Spencer Fluid Power remains a value added distributor of hydraulic components and systems. Spencer Fluid Power continues to sell and support hydraulic components to a wide array of customer types. Small to large OEM's, timber, mining, construction and oil & gas are just a sample of the numerous industries Spencer supports today.

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Wheel motors are typically electric motors, but like any other hydraulic motor, hydraulic wheel motors provide power and rotation through the use of pressurized fluids. Hydraulic motors usually use pressurized oil as the hydraulic fluid. The oil is stored in a pressurized reservoir until the motor is to be used. When the motor is operating, the pressurized oil is released from the reservoir and enters into the motor itself.

Depending on the internal configuration of the motor, the oil will press against cylinders, pistons, gears, or other components. As the pressurized fluid presses against the cylinder or piston, the piston or cylinder moves and causes a shaft to rotate. With gears and other components, the pressurized fluid presses against and flows around the gears causing them to turn and rotate a shaft. In these ways, a hydraulic motor converts the energy of the pressurized fluid into mechanical energy.

Single Displacement Radial Piston Motor Hydraulic Wheel Motors - Young Powertech

A hydraulic wheel motor can operate a single wheel or multiple wheels, depending on the power of the motor and the size of the machine. In cases in which the motor supplies power to more than one wheel, the motor is connected to sprockets and each sprocket is connected to a wheel. Through this setup, power is distributed to the wheels. Hydraulic wheel motors can be used for many different applications. However, they see the most use in mobile construction equipment.