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Hydraulic power units differ from regular pumps in that they regulate fluid temperature and have multiple stages. They are an integral part of machines that rely on hydraulic power for operation. Read More…

Hydraulic Power Units Hydraulic power units provide pressurized flow to hydraulic cylinders, motors, and other hydraulically-powered mechanisms.

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Newark, NJ  |  800-633-8234

It is our goal that we are able to maintain our position as one of the leading producers and manufacturers of hydraulic motors and that we may provide our products to an ever growing customer base worldwide! We were founded in 1941 and we wish to put all of those years of experience to work for you! To receive more information about how we may be able to benefit you; get in touch with our customer service division today!

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Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. $$$

Franklin, NC  |  800-553-2531

Dometrics specializes in hydraulic machinery. We supply parts such as hydraulic motors, gears, cylinders, couplings and more. Some of the companies we supply for are MGM, Dunlop and Aircom Pneumatiks.

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Dometrics, Inc. $$$

Fraser, MI  |  800-842-5377

Fluidyne Fluid Power is a leading industrial power distributor and manufacturing facility specializing in hydraulic motors, components and custom-designed fluid power systems. We have an extensive product line able to provide exactly what you need. They combine fluid power expertise with a vast selection of world-class components to provide you with unsurpassed system efficiency.

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York, PA  |  717-757-1068

For over thirty years, we have been manufacturing custom hydraulic power units, pneumatic, lubrication, filtration and motion control systems. OEM trained & certified repairs and installation services. Our sales engineers are supported by in-house engineering and highly knowledgeable customer service departments. Contact us today for more information!

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Advanced Fluid Systems, Inc. $$$

North Sioux City, SD  |  605-235-1220

Located in South Dakota, Prince Manufacturing engineers and manufactures standard size and small hydraulic motors, as well as cylinders, pumps and valves. Our products are renowned worldwide. We also design and build custom parts to meet your particular specifications. Exceeding customer expectations since 1951, We have over six decades of industry experience.

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Prince Manufacturing Corporation $$$
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Axial Vane Motor Hydraulic Power Units - Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc.

The hydraulic power unit is comprised of several key parts and components. The three main components of a hydraulic power unit are the motor pump, accumulator and reservoir tank. The power unit’s pump is responsible for pulling the working fluid out of the reservoir tank and moving it into the accumulator. The accumulator is a container which collects the hydraulic fluid and helps build and maintain pressure in the system.

Once the pressure within the accumulator has reached a pre-set level, the fluid is released and circulated in the hydraulic system. The fluid moves the components of the motor, which in turn rotates the shaft that supplies mechanical power. The fluid is then discharged into the reservoir, where it will work its way back into the pump and continue the cycle.

In hydraulic cylinders, the hydraulic power unit pumps hydraulic fluid into the bottom chamber of the cylinder and pushes the piston rod up, which pushes the fluid in the other chamber back into the reservoir. The movement of this fluid pressurizes the chamber and extends the piston to its full length, giving the hydraulic cylinder its ability to push. Since these systems can require high pressures, it is important that these power units be equipped with temperature regulation equipment.

Coolers and heaters are used to ensure that the hydraulic fluid remains within operational parameters and to make sure that the hydraulic equipment does not sustain any damage. Power units can be used for a huge range of applications, including in aerospace test equipment, automation equipment, heavy machinery, marine equipment, and machine tools.